Vertical Type Semi Automatic Pneumatic Liquid and Paste Filling Machine Manufacturer

vertical type semi automatic pneumatic liquid and paste filling machine

This series foot pedal paste and liquid filling machine is widely used in paste and liquid quantitative filling for daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry, and also used in sealed tail hose quantitative filling.

This filling machine is easy to operate, quantitatively discharge material.It has the advantages of accurate measurement, simple structure etc, is made of stainless steel material, meets the requirements of food and pharmaceutical production.

The machine uses single-headed plunger quantitative filling device, it achieves the quantitative supply of materials by setting the distance of the piston movement, free to adjust according to different filling amount in the measurement range.

Vertical pneumatic filling machine technical parameters

1. Work Mode: foot pedal / automatic
2. Filling Range: 5-60,10-120,60-250,120-500ml, 250-1000ml, 500-2500ml, 500-5000ml, etc. (can be customized)
3. Filling Accuracy: ± 1.0%
4.Production Capacity: man-made (according to the specific speed)
5. Hopper Volume: 30L
6.Dimensions: 530 * 530 * 1700mm
7. Net Weight: 30KG

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