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Vacuum emulsifying refers to the raw material being in a vacuum state, uses high-shear emulsifier to distribute one or more phases to another continuous phase quickly and evenly, by using the strong kinetic energy of mechanical, the material bears hundreds of thousands of times of hydraulic shearing in every minute in a narrow space of stator and rotor. Under the comprehensive effect of centrifuging, extruding impacting and tearing, the material is dispersed and emulsified instantly and evenly, and finally get no bubbles and fine stable high-quality products after the high-frequency cycle.

Vacuum emulsifying machine is mainly consisted of pretreatment pot, main pot, vacuum pump, hydraulic pressure system, electrical control system and so on. The material of water pot and oil pot will be sucked into the main pot to mix, homogenuous and emulsify after they have been fully dissolved.

Performance and characteristics

♦The company produces a variety of vacuum emulsification machines, they comes in up and down homogenization system, internal and external circulation homogeneous system, one-way stirring, two-way stirring and ribbon stirring system, single cylinder and double cylinder lifting system. According to the customer requirements, we can customize a variety of emulsification machines that meet the requirements of high quality products.
♦Triple mixing adopts imported frequency converter to adjust the speed to meet the needs of different process production.
♦German technical homogenous structure, using imported double-end mechanical sealing effect, the highest emulsified speed can reach 4200rm, the highest shear fineness can reach 0.2-5um.
♦Vacuum defoaming to achieve sterility requirements, by using vacuum suction, especially for powder materials to avoid dust flying.
♦The main pot cover can be equipped with lifting device, it is convenient to clean and the cleaning effect is more remarkable. The pot body can be dumped to discharge.
♦The pot body is made of three layers of imported stainless steel plate, and the tank and pipe are mirror polished which fully meets GMP requirements.
♦According to the process requirements, the mixing tank can heat and cool the material. The heating method mainly includes steam heating and electric heating.
♦In order to ensure tye stable control of the whole machine, the electrical appliance adopts the imported configuration and can fully meet the international standard.

Application of Vacuum Emulsifying Machine
Food: soy sauce, condiments, mayonnaise, cheese, instant food, baby food, jam, pet food, starch solution
Cosmetics: lotions, sunscreen products, perfumes, decorative cosmetics, shampoos, hair dyes, hand lotions, liquid soaps, toothpastes, collagen suspensions, carbon emulsions
Chemical Industry: detergents, polishes, lubricants, pigments, lacquers, preservatives, solvents, wax emulsions, polymer emulsions, emulsions, glue solution, catalyst suspoemulsion, titanium dioxide suspoemulsion, penetrant, insecticide, fungicide
Pharmaceutical Industry: ointment, gel, eye drops, cough syrup, injection solution, sugar/salt solution, suppository, sugar coating, shampoo, paraffin emulsion, fat emulsion, decomposition of vegetable ingredients Agent, preservative, serum, vaccine
Beverages: juice, vegetable juice, milk mixed drinks, protein drinks, spices, liqueurs, alginate