Shampoo Making Machine Mixing Tank with Homogenizer

Chemical Mixing Tank with Homogenizer
Shampoo making machine can be used for mixing, blending and homogenizing material to manufacture liquid chemical, it is widely used in coating, medicine, chemical industry, paints, resin, food and scientific research and so on. The shampoo making machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, advanced technology, durable, and easy to operate, it is a less investment, fast input-output and high income chemical equipment.

Mixing Tank Analysis Structure Diagram
The Shampoo manufacturing mixing tank includes the parts below.

  1. Mixing Motor
  2. Principal Axis
  3. Scraper Blade
  4. Stirring Paddle
  5. Support
  6. Thermometer
  7. Material Exit
  8. Water Entrance
  9. Electrical Stick
  10. Homogenizer Motor

Shampoo Making Machine Tank Mixer Structure Diagram
Mixing Tank Equipment Analysis Structure-Diagram

Mixing Tank Body: Mixing Motor, Mixing Way, Homogenizer Motor
Stair and Platform
Control Box

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