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The industrial reverse osmosis equipment has the most advance, energy-efficient and efficient separation technology in water treatment industry. The reverse osmosis membrane only allows water molecules to penetrate at the higher pressure than solution osmotic pressure, separating solute from solvent in solution so as to achieve the purpose of pure water.
The pore diameter of RO membrane is 1 Å (0.1 nm) to 10 Å (1 nm), which is 10 billionths of a meter (equivalent to size of one-thousandth Escherichia coli or one percent of the virus). RO system can remove turbidity, color, hardness, radium, uranium and other radioactive elements in water as well as all kinds of inorganic ions, especially arsenic, copper, cadmium, barium, chromium, lead, mercury, manganese and other chemical ions which are harmful to human body.