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Pressure Stainless Steel Storage Tank

Main Structure of Storage Tank

  • Sealed storage tank with open port, view port and pressure meter.
  • Top feed inlet valve, spray nozzle, discharge outlet valve at the bottom.
  • Four foot support.
  • Wheel design is convenient to move and fix.
  • The internal surface of the vessel is processed by mirror polished, the external surface can be polished, frosted or sandblasting and other process according to customer requirements.
  • The storage tank adpots fully sealed design structure with high quality stainless steel.

Industry applications

Storage and transfer of materials such as water storage, oil storage, cosmetics storage, food, medicine, cream and ointment, dairy products, fine chemicals, biological liquids, juice drinks, condiments, beer, shampoo bath liquid etc.

It can be used as liquid storage tank, mixing tank, transferring tank, buffer tank, temporary storage tank, water storage tank, liquid blend ing tank and so on.

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