Movable Stainless Steel Storage Tank Manufacturer

Movable Stainless Steel Storage Tank for Cosmetic Manufacturing

Features of S/S storage tank

  • The stainless steel storage tank is made of SUS304 or 316L, according to GMP-level technical conditions.
  • Mirror polishing process for tank body and pipes to reach the GMP standard.
  • S/S storage tank has strong corrosion resistance, it will not corrode by the air or residual chlorine in the water, long service life.
  • Good sealing performance. Sealed design completely eliminate the harmful substances in the airborne dust and mosquitoes invaded into the tank, to avoid water pollution and red worms breeding.
  • Volume capacity can be customized according to customer needs.

Industry applications

Storage and transfer of materials such as water storage, oil storage, cosmetics storage, food, medicine, cream and ointment, dairy products, fine chemicals, biological liquids, juice drinks, condiments, beer, shampoo bath liquid etc.It can be used as liquid storage tank, mixing tank, transferring tank, buffer tank, temporary storage tank, water storage tank, liquid blend ing tank and so on.

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