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We present it new selection of electric irritated compact pressure vessels

Feed systems producer we presents its electric irritated form of compact irritated pressure tanks and vessels.

The number starts from 1L and rises to 25L.

Not just the number offers the advantages of getting a smaller sized footprint than other products available on the market but the versatility to regulate the agitation to low or fast speed while using remote controller provided which each and every vessel. we purports to tailor the blending elements to match the fluid and also the application once the standard single or dual propeller element design isn’t sufficient.

The controller enables precise speed control and simple choice of clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation.

This latest selection of electric irritated tanks are particularly adapted for applications where an aura motor may not provide enough control or fully automated production lines delivering remote signals for agitation Off and on.

Technical consultant for we states: Too frequently the incorrect devices are getting used for maintaining agitation in costly or high-tech industrial fluid applications. This leads to damaging the fluids and trapping air bubbles. This latest range of products will offer you more versatility over air motors and answer the demand in high-tech industries.



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