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Liquid soap making machine is to mix, blend and homogenize the material to produce all kinds of liquid product. Liquid soap machine mixer can be standardized and user-friendly according to the requirements of the production process. Our liquid soap making machine is able to feeding control, discharging control, mixing control and other manual automatic control during the mixing process. It is composed of stirring tank body, stirring tank lid, stirrer, support, transmission device, shaft sealing device and so on, the heating or cooling devices can be equipped with according to the process requirements.

The part of the mixer machine vessel which contacted with the material is made of SUS 316L material, and the inner surface is mirror-polished 300 MESH (hygienic grade). In order to ensure the stability of the control part, the electrical control part adopts the product of Siemens of Germany, the button adopts the product of the Japanese Fuji company, the inverter adopts Japanese Matsushita electric, vacuum pumps use Siemens products. This machine is manufactured in full compliance with GMP standard, it is an advanced and ideal machine for liquid soap production at home and abroad. Liquid soap production machine is widely used in manufacturing liquid soap, dishwasher powder, handwashing, liquid detergent, laundry detergent, etc.