Liquid Dishwasher Detergent in Daily Life

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Every day, humanity faces the realization of cleaning tasks due to our way of life, demands that lead to the use of a product that is effective and allows that those tasks can be performed more easily and fast; these cleaning products have been widely used since ancient times when the Sumerians they used wood ash and oils, a fact that has gone evolving to this day, where the variety in its compositions plays an important role in the market depending on what your primary objective is. Between these cleaning products we can mainly mention the detergents (solid or liquid) and soaps.


DETERMER focused on the development of a liquid detergent, based on the production of its main component or surfactant, sodium p-toluenesulfonate, which is obtained by the sulfonation process of toluene with acid sulfuric. After several tests the formulation was developed end of the liquid dishwasher detergent and the same was obtained
mixing the surfactant obtained with the different materials raw materials needed in the composition of a detergent (table 3) with a liquid soap making machine, finally obtaining a homogeneous, stable product, with high detergent properties, thus meeting the requirements market and project expectations. Notably a series of tests were carried out to demonstrate the effectiveness of the product, which were satisfactory, concluding in this way that the product obtained is economical, friendly with the environment and an efficient cleaner.



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