Just Ification and Importance of Liquid Soap Making

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Detergents are compounds that contain a product aromatic sulfonated as main product, (phenylsulfonate of sodium, sodium toluenesulfonate, sodium dodecyl sulfate, between others …), which act as surfactants (surfactants) between two immiscible substances, such as be water (polar substance) and most fats (non-polar substances), being related to both phases because they have a hydrophilic part (related to water) and a lipophilic part (related to fats), so its main function is to act in the washing and cleaning clothes, dishes, materials, objects, among others, since if said detergent is not used, they could only be cleaned with water.

Due to this, detergents play an important role in our daily life, since cleaning will always be one of the first needs in any home, that is why Detergentes is born, emerging as a avant-garde company with the aim of conquering the market local, national and international, through a range of products detergents, designed and created for maximum cleaning, by lower cost and taking into account the care of the hands of our clients and the environment in general.

We knows that detergents are essential currently, since if they did not exist, they could not be washed and cleaned objects and surfaces that require fat removal adhered and would have to be discarded at some point, it is for
4 that the products offered by the company have the best quality and the best action when washing, which is why we seeks to consolidate itself in the market as one of the most important detergents in the country.

People launches its main product UltraClean; highly effective liquid detergent made by liquid soap making machine, whose chemical agents actives ensure optimal removal of grease and dirt from plates and dishes, allowing our customers easy access to an economic product that meets your needs. Saying detergent will contain as surfactant the sodium p-toluenesulfonate and will meet all parameters required to ensure maximum quality.
In the following work the technical aspects are presented fundamental for obtaining and elaboration, both of the
raw material (sodium p-toluenesulfonate), as from the product final (liquid dishwasher detergent).



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