Industrial Reverse Osmosis Pure Water Treatment Equipment Manufacturer

Industrial Reverse Osmosis Pure Water Treatment Equipment
Kimyi Machinery offers industrial ro water treatment equipment from 0 – 1,000 GPM. Reverse osmosis is a powerful water course of treatment for reducing as much as 99% of dissolved mineral salts, harmful organics, along with other particles by forcing water pressurized through a semi-permeable membrane. This process is called “reverse osmosis” since it is the opposite from the natural osmotic process. Reverse osmosis water plant is widely used in water treatment of purification, including plain tap water, well water, subterranean water, brackish water and seawater, pure water and ultrapure water making. For this reason, the RO system is suitable for the industries included power stations, electronic industries, cosmetics production, medicine(pharmaceuticals) manufactories, and medical treatment(for example hemodialysis).

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Reverse Osmosis System

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