How to Make Hand Aanitizer?

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The hand sanitizer is used as a hand wash: apply 2 dabs of product in the palm of the hand, rub between the hands and go up to the wrists for at least 30 seconds. Without forgetting the nails.

When to use hand sanitizer?
During an epidemic (even the flu or gastroenteritis), it is advisable to clean your hands once an hour. We use it everywhere and all the time: after touching the door handles, in public transport, in shops, in the office, etc …

The hand sanitizer against the Coronavirus?
Washing your hands during the epidemic is the simplest and most essential thing to do to prevent the spread of the virus. The gels that you find in pharmacies and drugstores are tested in laboratories against bacteria, fungi, etc … But the one that we are going to make can be just as effective thanks to essential oils. Each oil has a precise map made up of anti-pathogenic molecules.

We are going to put some essential oil from Ravintsara, it is THE most effective thanks to its antibacterial, antiviral, and antimycotic powers. It can be combined with tea tree and lemon eucalyptus. We’re going to use that as a moisturizer and excipient, aloe vera gel in a tube. Its advantage: it dries very quickly. A variant can be made with peppermint or fine lavender. All these oils have a sanitizing power.

How do you go about making an effective gel?
You already need a suitable container. Ideally, a small pump bottle that can be found in travel kits. It will be less than 100ml and will be ideal to carry everywhere. Avoid collecting an old bottle of hand sanitizer unless you have thoroughly cleaned it with soap and a brush. Your equipment must be very clean! The ingredients should not be mixed in any way.

We take a small mortar (or a bowl), we put:

8 drops of Ravintsara essential oil
8 drops of Tea Tree essential oil
8 drop of lemon eucalyptus essential oil (variant with lavender or peppermint)
We mix them in a tablespoon of 70 ° alcohol and then gradually add 50 grams of aloe vera gel. Pour everything into your clean bottle or can. Your mixture should be very homogeneous.

You can use your solution for 7 to 15 days. Beyond that, it is recommended to make a new cleaning gel. This product should not cause irritation, but avoid contact with the eyes.

hand sanitizer or soap?
In an epidemic, one cannot go without the other. For commerce usage, there is hand sanitizer making machine available in the industry. We continue to wash our hands well with soap at the tap. We avoid drying our hands at all costs with automatic hand dryers which are real nests for bacteria! We also avoid the towel that everyone will touch. Unfortunately, it is not very ecological but the healthiest is disposable paper or we opt for a small personal cotton towel.

The hand sanitizer comes in addition to this hand washing: it is the practical and pocket nomadic form which allows you to have clean and healthy hands in all circumstances. It is true that its formula allows a longer action than that of soap and eliminates bacteria more deeply.

A little extra advice: add a few drops of Ravintsara essential oil in your liquid soap dispenser which will allow it to be more sanitizing.

Hydrate your hands
At this time, the skin is under severe strain so applying too much hand sanitizer can further damage your dry hands. So do not hesitate to apply lotion or moisturizer morning and evening.

Other practical tips to protect yourself from the virus
Are you completely stressed out and afraid of being infected? The masks are also sold out at all points of sale, but be aware that you can just as well put one or two drops of Ravintsara essential oil on your scarf or scarf and keep them before your mouth in confined spaces. Likewise, gloves are excellent protection provided that they are disinfected as often as possible.

Another piece of advice to reassure you: the nasal spray also has a good barrier effect. Two to three sprays in each nostril, three to four times a day.

You can also strengthen your immunity with grapefruit seed extract, an excellent anti-viral: 2 drops to be taken every morning. If you are on treatment, consult your doctor.

Finally, have you thought about it? You can also protect your pet who is going to walk in the street and in your interior, we can apply it before taking out the baubaume à papattes, a balm based on propolis, honey, and shea butter. It is a good insulator and anti-infective. In the same logic, leave your shoes and coats at the entrance of the house to once again prevent the penetration of bacteria.



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