1000L Liquid Detergent Stainless Steel Mixing Tank

Industrial Mixing Tanks with Agitators
Mixing tank can be used for mixing, blending and homogenizing material, it is widely used in coating, medicine, chemical industry, paints, resin, food and scientific research and so on. The industrial tank mixers can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel or other materials according to the user’s product process with heating and cooling system, to meet the requirements of different processes and production. The mixing tanks with agitators has the advantages of reasonable structure, advanced technology, durable, and easy to operate, it is a less investment, fast input-output and high income chemical equipment.

Technical Parameters of Our Tank Mixers
Model Volume(L) Mixer Power(KW) Mixing speed(RPM)) Homogenizer Power(KW) Homogenizer
Type of heating
MT-200 200 1.5 0-65 4 3000 Steam heating or electric heating
MT-300 300 1.5-2.0 0-65 4 3000
MT-500 500 3.0 0-65 5.5 3000
MT-1000 1000 4.0 0-65 7.5 3000
MT-2000 2000 5.5 0-65 11 3000
MT-3000 3000 7.0 0-65 18 3000
MT-5000 5000 10 0-65 22 3000

Featured of mixing tank

  • Digital Control
    The heating temperature, time and stirring speed for material can be set according to the demand.
  • Safety
    no fire, no explosion.
  • Environmental Protection
    No smoke, exhaust gas, odor and other harmful gas emissions, to avoid the pollution of the environment.
  • Hygiene
    Made of pure stainless steel materials, and totally guarantee the food hygiene.
  • Better Quality
    Microcomputer digital temperature and timing control, easy to control the processing technology.
  • Saving Labor Costs
    Totally automated operation, reducing labor intensity and the number of workers
  • Long Life
    Using imported high-end configuration and being made of stainless steel material, scientific and user-friendly design to ensure the long-term use of the machine.

The mixing tank is widely used in the below industries