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Welcome to Kimyi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

We are professional manufacturer of cosmetic machinery for cream and liquid products, find the best solution for your makeup or daily chemical on our website.

Stainless Steel Mixing Tank | Vacuum Emulsifier | Storage Tanks | Industrial Reverse Osmosis System | Cosmetics Filling Machine for Cream and Liquid


We are cosmetic manufacturing equipment supplier, provide you professional solution for your makeup and daily chemical products.

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The benefits of mixing, drying and mixing were achieved many years later. But, it’s still a surprising proven fact that vacuum mixing continues to be misinterpreted so far recently. There are many applications which have multiplied the interest in vacuum …

The factors for distinguishing between one mixer and the other are actually altered. If you haven’t performed any task that you are requested to distinguish this mixture motorboats, it’s strongly suggested to forget all of the rules which were used …